Product Care

Teak is extremely durable and is particularly suitable for use outside. Much of this Teak has been well seasoned having had a life outdoors for 50-100 years. This also gives the furniture its unique character. Some pieces are more suitable for use outdoors than others. Items that have particularly chunky wood and those that have slats in the surface are particularly well suited to life outdoors. Tables with intricate surfaces are best used indoors.

Treating the furniture for outdoor use:

All furniture will come from the factory with a wax finish. The wax will dissolve if left outside or to speed up the process use a brush and soapy water to remove the wax. Once the wax is removed teak oil or linseed oil can be used or an exterior wood sealant can be applied. Wood treatments and sealants often change the colour of the furniture, so ask your local hardware shop for advice on the finish you are looking for. The treatment / sealant will need to be reapplied every season. Alternatively you can leave untreated, this will result in the wood becoming a silvery colour.

Treating the furniture for indoor use:

Reapply bees wax every month to retain the woods lustre and build up a patina enriching the surface. A good quality wax rather than a spray is best as this will give moisture and nutrients to the wood.

As wood is a natural material it will react to each environment differently. When kept indoors, in dry conditions, someshrinkage or movement of the wood should be expected. In most cases this will not affect the structural stability of the furniture. This of course is more likely if used in a conservatory of similar environment.

Due to the nature of the reclaimed wood, imperfections including holes and scorch marks are inevitable and should be accepted as part of the character of the furniture. Should imperfections need to be treated dark furniture wax can be used in many cases.

Dimensions are approximate due to the non-standard size and shape of the component parts as this furniture uses wood salvaged from old buildings etc. While in the main this product is made from reclaimed teak it is sometimes necessary to use new wood. This wood is chosen from government accredited managed forests

Terrazzo Statues

Terrazzo is a really durable material often used for flooring.

A mould is used and the liquid terrazzo is poured in to make a casting. Once set this is then polished to a high gloss.

Should the sculpture need to be cleaned then use a cloth and mild detergent (linseed based is best).

Environmental factors will affect the surface of the terrazzo and it can be scratched, so positioning will have an effect on how the item ages.

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